Probing the Benefits of Probiotics for Beautiful Skin


Probiotics are healthy bacteria which should be incorporated into your diet, not just for your health but for your skin. Don’t let the term “bacteria” intimidate you! These are good guys that work best in disease prevention, digestion improvement, and cell repair – skin cells included!

Here are five fabulous ways in which probiotics can work for you:

• Liver detoxification – Ancient medicinal practices know that the liver’s state affects the skin in general. Clarity of the skin is equated to a clean and efficiently-functioning liver. If you have been abusing your liver with unhealthy diet, you might want to call on probiotics’ help to filter the toxins from your liver.

• Wrinkle prevention – With probiotics, free radicals are eliminated which as you know are main reasons for premature aging. Introducing probiotics to your diet will not only flush out bodily toxins but repair the harmful damage caused by free radicals too.

• Add a youthful glow to the skin – Probiotics have significant roles in digestion and nutrient absorption. If you pair your diet with probiotics both topically and internally, your skin will make the most out of the nutrients from your food. You can say goodbye to dull skin and say hello to luminous skin!

• Acne remedy – It is no wonder why probiotics can help in the significant reduction of acne. A combination of probiotics and proper diet and skin care products will zap blemishes in as fast as two weeks!

• Energy boosting – Consumption of probiotics will make the body’s immune system stronger which in turn will make you healthier and more energetic. Having a constant dose of probiotics will help you do your tasks more efficiently. If these tasks involve being outdoors, don’t forget to use sun-protective products.

Not only can you obtain probiotics in the diet but you can apply probiotics topically with only specially formulated natural skincare products that contain a unique probiotic named Leucidal from Lactobacillus – one of the species of microorganisms used to produce fermented products such as sauerkraut and kimchi, from cabbage. This unique topical probiotic encourages smoother skin, minimizes wrinkles, and kills the bacteria that contributes to acne making it most useful for all skin conditions as well as anti-aging!

Probiotics can be found for consumption in foods and beverages like yogurt, kefir, saurkraut and  kimchi.   Simply incorporate probiotics into your regimen and start using high quality  natural probiotic beauty products such as Sevani and watch yourself be amazed by what observe in the mirror!


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