Dr. Schrammek Blemish Balm Perfect Beauty Fluid for a Flawless Complexion!


Perfect Beauty Fluid

Dr. Schrammek did it again with her new Blemish Balm Perfect Beauty Fluid!

You asked for a lighter version of the popular blemish balm and you got it!

This new Dr. developed Blemish Balm Perfect Beauty Fluid conceals blemishes, age spots and also prevents hormonal and acne breakouts!  A lightweight moisturizer for the skin for an even, flawless and well-groomed complexion!

How does it differ from the Classic Blemish Balm?
Lighter weight coverage.
2 unique tints
50 ml size


  • moisturizing and concealing
  • protects against loss of moisture
  • complexion appears relaxed and even
  • skin feels silky and light!

What makes the beauty fluid so unique?

  • concealing fluid and skin care in one
  • dermatologically developed
  • natural skin shade
  • evens out the complexion
  • paraben free!

The Ingredients: A special blend of Allantoin, Panthenol (B5), Black Oats and Rosmaric Acid
Anti Inflammatory Botanicals and Redness Reduction Actives for a Smooth, Even Complexion!

Always make sure you purchase your Blemish Balm Products and Dr. Schrammek Skin Care from a Certified Salon Reseller!

Our products are always guaranteed fresh, stored in a climate controlled environment and sold by a Licensed staff.  We are “certified” by Dr. Schrammek, so feel free to email us for a consultation any time!

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