Thinning Hair and Eyelashes – Is there a solution?


Did you know that aging not only occurs in the skin but also in the hair and eyelashes? One of the most obvious signs of aging is the change in hair color caused by a pigment (melanin) produced by hair follicles. With aging, the follicles can also become dormant resulting in thinning hair. In addition hormones play a role in how much hair is produced.

When men and women discover thinning or sparse hair, it can be devastating. Especially with few answers to the cause.

Many people have experienced hair thinning by the time they are in their 40s. Body and facial hair also become sparse as well (eyebrows often), but usually later than scalp hair. The hair in the armpit, chest, and pubic area including the eyelashes may turn gray in addition to becoming more sparse. Research shows that thinning and graying may be genetically determined and gray hair tends to occur earlier in Caucasians and later in Asian races. Nutritional supplements, vitamins, and other products will not stop or decrease the rate of graying but there are also some tested anti-aging products that really work to revive thinning and aging hair. The Marini Hair by Jan Marini claims to be a most effective product that immediately and dramatically improves the appearance of aging, thinning and environmentally and chemically-damaged hair, and gives it renewed body and bounce. While the Marini Lash and Revitalash Eyelash Conditioner help you achieve long, beautiful, healthy looking eyelashes (and eyebrows) despite the presence of aging symptoms. So no matter what the factor is that causes the lost of your originally gorgeous and beautiful hair and lashes, keep in mind that in every problem there is often a solution. It’s sure worth a try anyway…

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  1. It is amazing what a difference lashes make to your face

  2. Has anyone tried Revitalash Hair? I really like the Revitalash products so I’m sure this one is just as good. I have some thinning right in the front and was wondering if anyone had tried it. Here’s the product page at theskinspecialist.

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